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The Magicarium is OPEN for Bookings!

Well we have finally done it! We finished our next room. The much anticipated Magicarium. This room began with the working title of the Magic Junk Shop. As we got deeper into the build and began adding puzzles and tech, it morphed and changed and grew. It became apparent that the room was gaining a life of it's own and no longer seemed like a junk shop. The Magicarium came into being; magically!

It is now available to book with 2 - 8 players. You can choose to play the Path of Dark or the Path of Light. If the group is large you will be split up into two groups and battle your way through the realm of magic and spells, trying to sway the balance of power in your favour. The great thing is that you can play this room twice with totally different puzzles in each direction.

Don your robes, grasp your magic wands and enter........THE MAGICARIUM!

Hop on over to the Booking page to book your experience.

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