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It's REALLY coming!

Well, COVID really set us behind on the Arcane Archives, but the good news is that we are ready for play testing. Our staff will be playing the room in the coming weeks to iron out the inevitable kinks. Then we will be inviting our intrepid groups of testers to give it a good run. If everything goes smoothly, the Arcane Archives will be opening later this Summer.

The Arcane Archives is a bit different from many escape rooms that you may have played in the past. We have created a very calm environment where much of your play will be seated, if you wish. So comfortable and immersive that you will think you are truly doing critical research for the Membership. The Game Master is live and in person as part of the experience. As interactive as a room can be. Don't worry, it's not scary in any way. No jump scares. Very suitable for those of you who dislike the fright night genre.

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