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1. COME 15 MINUTES EARLY: You have booked a game time.  Please arrive 15 minutes *before* game time.  If your actual game starts later than game time, you will lose time in the room.

2. SPECIAL CHILDREN RULES: Every person who is 12 or younger must be accompanied by someone who is 18 or older.  For example, if there are three 12-&-unders , there must also be three 18-&-overs in the same space. One adult cannot supervise more than one 12-&-under.

3. YOUTH RULES: there must be, at all times, at least one 16-&-over person in the room.  For example, a group of four 15 year olds cannot play alone - they must be accompanied by at least one 16+ person.


CAMERAS?: all our rooms are monitored by camera so we can make sure everyone is safe.

WAIVER?: Each player must sign a waiver before entering the rooms. Failure to do so will cause you to be denied entry. We have these available at the front desk.

AIM?: The aim of the games is to solve puzzles in order to reach a final goal OR find your way into and/or out of a room.

LOCKED? You are not literally "locked" in the Game Room at Fantescapes. This is merely a term used in the games. You are always able to exit quickly in case of emergency. Evacuation maps and exit signs are clearly posted. We don't mind if you leave the room to use the washrooms, but note that your time will not be paused.

SCARY? There are no frightening or horror elements in the Game Rooms.

CAN I USE FORCE? No.  Please solve the puzzles with brain power not physical power. Objects that are attached to the wall, floor or ceiling should not be moved. Objects that are to heavy to be moved, should not be moved.  Objects labeled with the "do not touch" symbol are not part of the game and should not be tampered with.

SPECIAL EFFECTS? There may be special effects in some Game Rooms and players understand that they may be subject to the following: fog effects, sound effects, lighting effects such as slow fades  (no strobe lighting), movement through narrow passages and/or small openings.

DAMAGE? We realize that there is normal wear and tear on puzzle items, however players who damage items though negligence or force will be responsible for the cost of replacement.

FOOD, DRINK, CELL PHONES WEAPONS, PICTURES? These are not allowed in the Game Rooms.  We have lockers where you can store these things safely during your game.

HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING? Fantescapes and its employees reserve the right to deny service to anyone who appears intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol

WILL THIS EVEN BE FUN? Ok, we are so sorry for being serious at this time
.  The most important thing to us is that you have fun in a safe environment!  This is why we hope that you have read the house rules above before you join us.  So move on to the booking page now that you have read this serious stuff and let the GAMES BEGIN!

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