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The genie's lamp is still going strong

We are in our third year! So excited by that. The escape room gig is a competitive one but on the other hand customers love to have lots of experiences to choose from. At Fantescapes we are determined to bring you the best! Our flagship room, The Lamp of the Genie, is still going strong. Look out for Mission II in the lamp to come out in 2019. All of you who have enjoyed battling wits with the genies will love Mission II. More of the amazing puzzles that you are used to as well as a few surprises.

What else is in store for 2019? Well, this is a big year for Fantescapes. We plan on 2 more amazing new experiences. The Magic Junk Shop is so close now! We've been promising it for a long time and it's soon to be released. Later in the summer look for the Arcane Archives including a live action game master!

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